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22 décembre, 2008

Message for Mr.Ban Ki-moon

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Message of the participants at the Volunteers’ March for Human Rights, for Mr. Ban Ki-moon, General Secretary of United Nations 

  Dear Mr. Ban Ki-moon, 

Over 1000 volunteers from the NGOs within the network of World Organization of Talented Children come with a new project for the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Decralation of Human Rights, ratified by the General Assembly of the United Nations at Paris, on December, 10th, 1948. 

   The World Organization of Talented Children, being the first international NGO with general headquarters in Moldova and participatory status with Council of Europe, since its first project untill now had as strategic purpose – the implementation of UN politics, Council of Europe and UNESCO, such is Universal Human Rights, Child’s Rights, being the main principle promoted by a wide range of projects, that became a tradition, where participated hundred of thousands of young people from all over the continents.     Here are some projects by which the World Organization of Talented Children promotes Universal Human Rights/Child’s Rights: World Forum of Talented Children, International Festival-Contest World Talents “Little Prince” – an original dialogue between cultures and people, an arena where for already 16 years the messengers of the culture of peace, talented children from different countries meet together for an original intercultural dialogue where they are the authors, the developers and the beneficiaries of the event. These dialogues could serve as a very good example for adults. European Conference of the Young Journalists who debated various subjects, in 2008:  “Media and Human Rights in Eastern countries of European Union”, I speak your language, You speak my language; Transfrontier Conference of Youth, with the subject “Young Politicians, Advocates, Artists, Economists and Journalists and their view of EU expansion”, Youth Assembly in Motion, that is promoting the UN politics, Council of Europe and UNESCO among young people from rural areas, Clubs of Council of Europe, new European structures founded by young people, for youth; UN Club, UNESCO Clubs, Young Journalists Agency AMP-International, Little Prince Magazine, Newspaper Children of Europe with NGO status, promoter of a free and independent media for young people, promoter of the young journalists non-contaminated by the totalitarisms, Caravan of the Culture of Peace and Non-Violence, etc, projects achieved every year by our volunteers. 

      Intimidated by the power and marginalized by donators, the World Organization of Talented Children has implemented projects at local, national and international level, which changed the way of thinking of thousands of participants at our projects. Each projects, each NGO founded by us, is like a guardian in the way of human trafficking, drug dealers and domestic violence…      In 2000, we had an unforgettable meeting with the General Secretary of UN at that time, in Switzerland, where I received a passport of Young Ambassador of Culture of Peace. From that year, WOTC awards the most active volunteers the Culture of Peace Ambassador distinction. 

    General Secretary, there are on Earth still, unfortunately, a lot of unjust things. The volunteers from World Organization of Talented Children have an important role in spreading information concerning the democratization process of the society, implementation of the Universal Human Rights, Moldova’s European integration. The members of the NGOs from the WOTC network are involved in important volunteer activities, underlining the role that an effective communication can play, capable of society awarness. The youth who today are the members of the Volunteers’ March for Human Rights, wish for the whole world to understand at an early age the importance of human dignity, which care about his well being, the goodness of his family and society, and for his planet – this is the greatest desire of the march participants’. 

   We decided to send this message from children and young people from Moldova not by mail, but via a much faster way. The envelope was handed over to UN House from Moldova, hand by hand, from heart to heart, so that to the thoughts written in this message could join a little of warmness of these kids. Many of them stand still in front of life’s problems and never give up, no matter what – because they are volunteers.   In the name of all the participants at Volunteers’ March for Human Rights, 

Dan Verejanu, active volunteer since the age of 9. Renata Verejanu, President WOTC 

20 décembre, 2008

Volunteers’ March for Human Rights, 8.12.2008, Moldova

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s7303123.jpg Un original proiect al Renatei şi Daniel Verejanu, lansat în2007 în parteneriat cu dl Marian Lupu, Preşedintele Parlamentului R.Moldova, şi în 2008 în parteneriat cu Casa Naţiunilor Unite din Moldova, în persoana Consilierului pentru Drepturile Omului.



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