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10 avril, 2009


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gerb1.gif Press release Chisinau, 8 April 2009 

The leaders from European Academy of Civil Society, First Club of Council of Europe and Young Journalists Agency „AMP-International”, NGOs from the network of  the World Organization of Talented Children, who is monitoring the parliamentary elections, held a press conference on the report of monitoring the election day. 

National observers from European Academy of Civil Society, First Club of Council of Europe, Young Journalists Agency „AMP-International” have registered a huge number of grave violations of election code – as a proof that at many voting offices, the final results were influenced. 

The leader of European Academy of Civil Society spoke about a range of serious violations, such is:


26 mars, 2009

Parliamentary Elections

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WOTC Network 

of Civil Society First Club of Concil of Europe 

Press Agency of Young Journalists „AMP-International”  

Monitoring Parliamentary Elections fromRepublic of Moldova 5 April 2009 

Report no.1 Monitoring period: 05.02.2009 – 15.03.2009 

Chisinau, R.Moldova 


I.                     Introduction                                                             II.                   General conclusions                                                       

III. Observations 

a.Election atmosphere b. Media and election campaign 

c. Follow-up of regulations regarding election advertising d. Voters 

e. Meetings witg voters f.abusive use of administrative resources 

g.”Active” involvement of police in election campaign h. observers at elections from Moldova 

i. monitoring the CEC behavior j. Publication of information concerning political financing 

IV. Recommendations 


1 mars, 2009

Me and Council of Europe, Dan Verejanu project

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Dear friends,


Congratulations on the occasion of spring beginning,

we give you a Martisor that will bring you luck and love.

The volunteers from the NGOs from WOTC network

already exchanged between them a Martisor at

the first event dedicated to 60th anniversary of the Council of Europe,

which will be followed by many others this season,

from the project “Eu şi Consiliul Europei » (Me and Council of Europe).

7 février, 2009

Parlamentary elections

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Press release 

The leadership of the WOTC network invites foreign media,  as well the media accredited in Moldova, to the first press conference that will take place on 7 February 2009, 12.00 in the headquarters  of the World Organization of Talented Children.  The WOTC network announces: the NGOs from the network of WOTC (international NGO with headquarters in Chişinău  and participatory status with Council of Europe) will monitor the parliamentary elections from 5 April 2009, from Moldova.  The Central Electoral Commission has given accreditations on  6 February 2009, to the next NGOs from WOTC network: 

European Academy of Civil Society,  First Club of Council of Europe 

Young Journalists Agency „AMP-Internaţional”. 

 The journalist and poetess Renata Verejanu, the head of  the WOTC network, claims that the NGOs that received accreditation are planning to send observers to over  100 voting offces from capital and other towns.  The NGOs will create also mobile teams, in order to  cover other voting areas from country and abroad, where a corect monitoring and impartial observers are needed.  Depending the corectness of the parliamentary elections will  depend the way the next president will be elected.  In the framework of the project  „National Network of Impartial Observers” (project of Renata Verejanu),  the experts from European Academy of Civil Society  and from Clubs of Council of Europe have developed   for free trainings for volunteers from NGOs from WOTC network, offering them necesarry knowledge. On 6 February 2009  received accreditation 32 impartial observers, but the lists are to be completed, as we plan to have in the election day at least 100-150 observers.  The NGOs that received accreditation are based only on volunteer   work and plan to supervise the elections fairly and impartial in the pre-electoral as well in post-electoral period, until  the new Parliament will begin its activities  and a new President will be elected. 

This press release is sent by Press Agency „AMP-International” 


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